Our company owns vans for transport of express consignments from 1 kg to 1,4 t. In addition, there are available trucks with utility loading limit of 1,4 t up to 24 t for you disposal. Our fleet consists of vehicles‘ brands such as Iveco and DAF. Its maintanace is performed by authorized motor car repairs which guarantees a maximal reliability of the cars. All trucks are equipped with mobile phone, navigation and GPS locater. Some trucks have loading lift.

Tarpaulin Semi-trailer

Length: 13,6m
Height: 2,8m
Width: 2,5m
Loading capacity: 24t
Number of pallets: 34
Návěs plachta

Tarpaulin/Box van

Length: 4,5m
Height: 1,8m
Width: 1,8m
Loading capacity: 1,2t
Number of pallets: 6/8
Dodávka skříň

Tarpaulin Truck

Length: 7,5m
Height: 2,5m
Width: 2,5m
Loading capacity: 6,4t
Number of pallets: 18
Nákladní vozidlo plachta

Tarpaulin Truck

Length: 9,5m
Height: 2,7m
Width: 2,5m
Loading capacity: 9t
Number of pallets: 23
Nákladní vozidlo plachta